Keen Blue

Bradley Clodfelter

front-end developer :: ui/ux designer :: php enthusiast

Houston, Texas

Development Skills

Front-end Developement / HTML - CSS

Event Handling / Javascript - Jquery

Data Binding / XML - AngularJS

Flash / AS2


Front-end Design / UI - UX - IA

Frameworks / Bootstrap - Initializer

Back-end Developement / PHP - MySql

Programing / Ruby - Objective C - IOS

About Me

I am a front-end web developer who lives in Houston, Texas. I’ve been passionate about user interface design, interaction and code since I started college. Before that I was just an artist who jumped out of planes in the Army.

Right now in life I am all about trying to suspend disbelief that a user is on a computer, a tablet, or their phone. I want to deliver a UX that is unique, fun, and intuitive. I feel like people are a bit smarter than the UI we as designers typically deliver to users. My goal as a developer and designer is to change that outlook and deliver a sophisticated product every time.

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Meet Palate

Palate is a division of FKM Agency that has a strong focus on the future of food and drink brands. The site is a micro-brochure site that is written in html, css, and jquery. Palate is a responsive site with multiple breakpoints for when it responds to different sizes to support multiple browsing platforms.

Take a look at the current version online.

Launched : 2012

Role : UI/UX Expertise & Front-End Development

Think Green Campus Map

This project was created for Waste Management as a sales tool that explains a way to green a college campus. I handled Art Direction, and Front-end Development on this project. All the code was hand-written using Sublime Text 2. The only library in this project is Jquery to help control the animations. Landon (a fellow developer) handled all of the XML data management for the different services and building content. We decided to bind all the data from the site, so it could act as a mico database and be bound to functions.

Take a look at the current version online.

Launched : 2012 & 2013

Role : Art Direction & Front-End Development

Ready. Fit. Go.

"Ready. Fit. Go." is a convenient healthy solution to fast food in Colorado. The site is basically a brochure/menu site. It will display menu items, nutritional values, and contact/ordering information. The site is still in development, but should be done before the end of May 2013. I have handled the Project Management, Art Direction, Front-end & Back-end Development so far. The site runs on Jquery and PHP with a MySql backend for all of the menu items and content. The other elements of the page (general content) are currently living in AngularJS binds, but I may switch out to XML or JSON for speed.

Launched : in development

Role : Art Direction & Development

Think Green Earth Day Takeover

During certain events of the year I develop takeover pages for, and this one is for Earth Day, 2013. The idea behind this page is to show how recyclable items can be used to save the planet, and showcase some of Waste Management's casestudies and videos about the topic.

Launched : 2013

Role : Art Direction & Development

There are more projects on the way. Check back in a day or two for an update.